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In November of 2016, I lived in a tidy Southern town in Coastal North Carolina.  I had a full time job with benefits that I enjoyed.  I had experienced challenging relationship changes and I felt like every day I was losing a little bit more of myself.  So I decided to give that up and move to the Maine woods, in search of A LIFE I WANT, instead of the life I was living.

Now, I live in a tiny town, population around 400, in Coastal Maine.  My home is a six hundred square foot cabin in the woods and I live here, reunited with my life partner of almost thirty years.  The best part is that we live on the land we sold almost 30 years ago when we moved to North Carolina.  My children were raised here.  My best friends of adulthood live here.  I still have siblings and many cousins in Maine.  My deepest sense of belonging comes from this place, these trees and rocks.  The ocean bays where the water is too cold to swim, even in August, are some of the most scenic and clean looking that I have ever seen.

My adventures in this place will be the subject of this blog, and any other tidbits that I deem worthy of writing.  It represents my search for A LIFE I WANT.20170213_101929.jpg