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My weight has always fluctuated, as has my fitness level.  As part of creating the life I want, I have tried every nutrition system ever imagined, as well as just about every fitness activity, to achieve the physical me I want.  From Atkins to Ayurveda, I have been there, and from day to day I shift and can’t decide – Vegan? Vegetarian?  Juicing? Paleo?  Now, there is one easy device that can accommodate all my dietary shifts.  Today, I would like to share my current wonder possession and obsession, the FITBIT.

In 2016 I purchased a Fitbit HR, which works with an app on my cell phone to keep track of my health.  At that time, I was disappointed that there was not a Fitbit that could be worn in the water to track swimming, my favorite exercise.  Now, it does exist and as soon as I manifest my income, I am overnighting that new Fitbit!

Anyway, I wanted a device that would monitor my sleep and also my heartbeat, so I chose the HR model.  I began to watch the steps build up in the wristwatch ticker.  I loved seeing those steps pile up.  But when I eventually plugged into the phone app, that is when my efforts began to be really fun.  Following is the kind of information my Fitbit stores.

Right now it is 10:35 AM.  I have walked 1,139 steps today. .47 miles.  I have burned 738 calories and stepped up zero floors,  and my resting heart rate is 59.  I have an alarm set for 6 AM tomorrow.  All this I can see on the wristwatch.  And let me plug this sweet alarm.  The wristwatch just vibrates.  All I have to do is push a little button and it stops.  I much prefer this tactile form of waking, since I am extremely sensitive to sound and light in the morning.  I much prefer this gentle, light, localized vibration.

But later, when I turn on the phone app, in addition to all of the above, I can see MUCH more.  I can see how many hours of the day I have been active for 15 minutes or more, and how many total minutes I have been active.  I can track exercise, including adding my swimming time manually.  All of this information is also available in bar graphs that will compare today to recent days and weeks.  At the end of this article is a link to a visual of the screens on the appliance.  The graphics are colorful and simple.

For my nutritional goals, the Fitbit is a wonder.  I do have to enter information into my phone.  I can enter my current weight, and also a short-term or long-term goal weight.  I can choose a plan that will shift according to how quickly I want to change my weight.  I enter food I eat each day, and I get these wonderful little indicators through graphs and meters that show me how I am tracking.  The best part of entering food is the database in the app.  I no longer need a whole separate notebook or chart or calorie counter guide.  I can search for pear, fresh, and get an instant caloric value.  There are more name brands of manufactured food stored in the device than I have ever seen.  And changing portion sizes or calorie values is simple, and then the app adds everything and tracks everything and I see these great little visual indicators.  For water intake, I set a goal and add any glasses with the quick 8 oz button.  This part of the device is truly brilliant.  As always at this time of day, I am over budget.  I have been writing and have not started the active part of my day.   I cannot write without breakfast.  When I do start my daily activities, the device updates and I can see the number of available calories build and it is truly instantly rewarding and fun.  I even get Badges by email for special accomplishments.  The two of which I am most proud are the High Tops Award for 20,000 steps in a day, and the Redwood Forest Badge for 25 floors in a day.  It was not until I moved back to Maine from North Carolina that I began to have floors recorded in my stats.  I am usually not interested public awards, but these are private awards, and they are creative and funny.  I am not competitive with health and fitness, but if I were,  I could compete with friends and family on events and goals, and earn trophies, so that is an option.

Also, I am able to see my sleep record.  For example, last  night I was in bed from 9:59 PM to 6:26 AM.  I was awake 2 times, and restless 18 times.  I was awake or restless for a total of 39 minutes.  If I do not wear the wristwatch to bed, I can still enter sleep hours, but the other information is not recorded.

Lastly, the Fitbit uses little power and takes up little room.  I usually charge it daily when I am in the shower.  It is simply a wristwatch band, and there are also necklace versions, both in various colors.  Some are simple and some are ornate.  Mine is simple, but it is purple.   I live in a 600 square foot cabin with a partner and I appreciate small items that give me great pleasure.

Since I have been using this system in ernest, I have reached and passed my first short term goal, and have moved on to a new goal.  Right now it is time to get active.

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I lived the first 30 years of my life in Maine. Then I moved to North Carolina where I lived for 22 years. Always, I have grown and preserved food, practiced yoga and meditation, and have lived a life close to nature, spending as much time outdoors as possible. I am educated, with degrees, but the most important part of my story is that I am trying to live the life I want.